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Dr Stacy Gibson Hull

Stacey Gibson-Hull, M.D.


Dr. Gibson-Hull has been practicing pediatric medicine since 2001.  A native of Oklahoma, she did both her undergraduate and attended medical school at The University of Oklahoma.  Born with a heart defect, she herself spent a lot of time in the physician’s office as a child.  Watching her own pediatrician work with her mother, and ease her fears drove her to want to work with children and be a special kind of physician.


A solo practitioner, Dr. Gibson-Hull sets herself apart by her desire to have a relationship with not only her patients but with their entire family.  Treating the whole patient, she believes, enables her to assure that her patients are receiving the care they need, not only from her but from any specialists that they may need access to for their needs.  Her belief is that parents know their child best and her job is to partner with the family to determine the best course of action for the child’s medical care.


Dr. Gibson-Hull has a family of her own…she has been married since 1997 and has two children.  Her family loves spending time in the water, whether that is at the beach, at the pool or at the lake and they take water vacations when they can.  She loves to decorate and craft and has rubbed off on her daughter who is becoming quite a crafter in her own right.

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