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About us


What sets Dr. Gibson-Hull’s practice apart is her dedication to her patients.  Her goal is to provide excellent healthcare in a loving and supporting environment and to be available when a parent or the patient has questions or needs.


The other special piece to Dr. Gibson-Hull’s practice is her nurse, Susi.  Susi has worked with Dr. Gibson-Hull since 2006.  She is extremely dedicated to her patients and they absolutely love her.  She has three children of her own and is very active with her own large family.  



Susi is the office nurse and has been with Dr. Gibson-Hull since 2006.  She loves working with the kids and loves watching them as they grow and progress.  Susi was raised in Arlington, Texas and has been married since 2002.   She has three sons and spends most weekends with their horse which they all love.  She has a huge family with kids of all ages so she is always surrounded by children and feels strange when it’s finally quiet.  She is a Texas Rangers fan and a Dallas Cowboys fan and likes to read and just chill when she finally gets a moment and it’s quiet.


Her one piece of advice to a new mom…”It’s always crazy in the beginning, and you think you’re going nuts.  You may think it’s never going to end…but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Everything will work itself out and this is normal.  You are doing a good job.”

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